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Welcome you english speaking visitors!

First of all excuse this bad english.

National anarchy means: Do your own thing at the place where you live, your place. Be together with your families, the one you love and people of your kind; build your own community! Live all these communities that have roots back in a million years of history. Fuck history! Just live for today!

Anarchy is no contradiction to nation. No happy and real nation without anarchy; no real anarchy without a nation. We understand “nation” in the way the native americans do. We are all natives everywhere!

But in the same time there´s no way back to tribalism and nationalism. We will and we should stay connected; that´s a fine thing. Being connected and communicating, we care for the earth and keep peace (or let´s say we will build a more peaceful world) among us. Because there´s war everywhere and every day. The western dominated media speak only of war, when western powers are involved, and than they lie a lot. Don´t be blind! And you know what war is good for: absolutely nothing! Let´s be apart and together at the same time! And so it´s a fine thing that many of us speak, read and write more or less english. English is at one side an expression of imperialism, on the other an opportunity to understand each other over a distance of thousands of miles. Let´s reinforce particularities, and le´s reinforce togetherness, for we all share one destiny and this one world. National anarchy says: Let´s have both! It is not important, how we are calling this: communitarism, ethno pop etc. on one side; empire, UN etc. on the other. Let´s not mix up one world with one and only culture! This one world has many many many cultures! Because culture is a very sensitive thing and not just work, sleep, and eat McDonalds like slaves. Real culture comes into being only in isolations. Do you think that for instance spanish dance and music could have been possible in the world the capitalists, migrationists and globalists are trying to persuade us? No way!

National anarchy means immediateness, directness. Things you don´t understand and you do not feel are no good for you! Don´t blame it on you if things are strange to you. It is not your business! Be courageuous and reject and refuse all these things you don´t understand. Fuck off all you things that are strange to me!

Anarchy is always national, for each communitiy - led in peace - develops its own culture, and this culture is always a different one compared to others. Only in these times where neolibs rule the world with their ideology of multiculturalism (nonsense!) we must emphasize a bit the national.

Nationale in our understanding means also natural. Anarchy is everything that is natural: emotion, sex, love, intelligence. Theres no contradiction between anarchy and territory. “Berlin is uns(A)!”, as Berlin national anarchists say (“Berlin is ours!”). Yankee go home!

Maybe we give reasons to what we want and don´t want... - if we like to. But national anarchy means: no need to justify. We don´t have to explain to nobody why we want to live the way we want with no ruler above us, be him a foreign imperialist or one of us. No need in terms as “right”. We are nihilists! Piss off science! Piss off intellectualism!

National anarchy means: Fuck civilization that´s killing me! National anarchy means: healing from the sickness civilization gave us by destroying ourselves. (“I must fight this sickness, find a cure...”: Robert Smith, The Cure, “Pornography”) Healing for instance by primal therapy to enjoy life again and break this chain of eternal destruction of the children. Stop being cripples! Don´t do with your children what they´ve done to you! Let them be theirselves! Let anyone be himself! Human beings or nations. If we´re happy, we don´t even need the UN.

Tribes, nations, communities, individuals, egoists, autochthonous, natives, indigenous all over the world: Unite!

Let me end with a brit pop song of the sixties:

I´m going back
Going back to be young again
To find the time to develop my mind
And be kind

To really see, to really hear,
To really live, to really love
And be kind

When I was young
I knew that I was right
Than ev´rything moved
And wandered out of sight

I´m going back
going back to be young again...

(The Nice)

See two national anarchist songs by John Lennon in this German text!


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English forum:

Mikhail Tsovma wrote us:

I got a message from you and was wondering why this did happen. To begin with, I don't read German, so I can only vaguely guess what it was about. But the most important thing is that I'm a sort of extranationalist (outsider to any nation), so I don't sympathize with nationalisms of any kind, even national liberation movements or left nationalists. So, please, do get me off your list if you did put me on it!
Mikhail Tsovma


We answered him:

hi mikhail,
I found your adress in a german anarchist magazine (direkte aktion) and in deed did put you on my list. I'm an anarchist for whom there is actually a national question. Briefly: We are against any aggression against autochthonous/native people and tribes in the jungle, in amazon forests etc. and against any form of imperialisme. Myopinion is, that at the roots of any imperialist nations are exactly the same non-imperialist autochthonouss/natives: innocent people who want to live in peace (living spontaniously anarchy). So we can't fight imperialism without thinking of our own people. By the way, in that letter that you received, where I argue with a german antinational anarchist, I mention Bakunin. Because this german anarchist, he told me: "Even if bakunin was a national..." Because he knew very well, that Bakunin was not a non-national. But I answered him: Bakunin was a fucking chauvinist, an ultra-nationalist. I'll put you off my list, sure. But can you please give me one tip? Do you know any KOSTENKO ? There was a quarrel here in Berlin, because some leftists invited this guy to speak about his experiences as a russian/ukrainian anarchist during fights in the tv-center with (national-)communists against Yeltsin. He was fighting Yeltsin side by side with national-bolshewists. Have you heard about him? Can you help me to get more informations or his address?
thanx and bye!
please see my answers in your text:

> Hi
> I got a message from you and was wondering why this did happen. To begin
> with, I don't read German, so I can only vaguely guess what it was
> about. But the most important thing is that I'm a sort of
> extranationalist (outsider to any nation)

me too I ain't no nationalist. But even nationalisme sometimes is okay... It's like fiever. If you're sich, sometimes you got fiever. But are you sure that you are outsider to ANY nation?? I'm sure that there is a collectivity you're a part of. Think about what Stirner wrote: The owners build the association of owners (or something...) In the villages... - everywhere, people build collectivities ("nations"). One must not mix nation with nation-states! These nation-states have very less to do with the nations in my definition, most of the time oppress the real nations.

, so I don't sympathize with
> nationalisms of any kind, even national liberation movements or left
> nationalists.

okay, I see. I know this position from people here in Germany very well. I believe you're wrong. It's a pity. Of course, I critique these movements too, but in a sense they're right.

So, please, do get me off your list if you did put me on
> it!


bye, peter


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